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24-Hour Call Back Commitment

To ensure timely handling of all client needs, whether a client calls us, sends us an e-mail or faxes a document to our office, clients receive a return call or e-mail back from us within 24 business hours, and often within minutes. You’ve committed to us, and we’re committed to serving you.


ACA Form 1094/1095 Reporting Guidance & Assistance

Clients obligated to comply with the ACA’s Form 1094/1095 Reporting requirements receive in depth guidance from Be Well, and for a nominal fee, Be Well provides assistance completing and electronically submitting Forms 1094 and 1095 to the government through approved eVendors while supplying clients with copies of each Form 1095 for clients to pass along to their members, making this federally mandated reporting obligation manageable and much less stressful.


Annual Policy Reviews

Each year, Be Well proactively conducts an extensive Market Analysis on behalf of our clients to confirm they have the most competitive and comprehensive benefit program available. We start the annual review process months prior to clients’ plan anniversary date so we have ample time to review, evaluate and determine the best option for clients and their employees. In conjunction with the Market Analysis, Be Well also performs Renewal Analyses annually in the event clients wish to remain with their existing carrier partner, but change to a different plan.


Benefit & Financial Cost Summary 1-Page Exhibits

To assist clients with the annual plan comparison process, Be Well develops Benefit & Financial Cost Summary Exhibits which include on a single page each of the following: (1) the key benefits of the plan, (2) the total overall monthly and annual costs of the plan, (3) the employer’s monthly and annual costs, and (4) the employees’ monthly and annual costs, including actual payroll deduction amounts shown on a monthly cost basis.


Benchmarking Summary Reports

Through Kaiser Family Foundation and our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Be Well provides annual Benchmarking Summary Reports to clients allowing them to effectively compare their Health insurance program to local and national benefits and employer contributions.


COBRA Services

Be Well offers access to outsourced COBRA Services for clients that do not have free COBRA services available to them through their current Medical carrier.  For our commissioned clients, Be Well offers internal COBRA administrative assistance, significantly minimizing the work required by our clients to satisfy this compliance obligation.


Detailed Claims Analyses

For clients with partially self-funded plans, Be Well conducts extensive claims analyses on a quarterly basis to identify cost containment opportunities, employee utilization patterns, network deficiencies, disease management and wellness participation, and more.


Employee Education Meetings

Once clients have decided on what benefits they will be offering their employees for the upcoming year, Be Well offers complete Open Enrollment support, including conducting group Employee Education Meetings. For these meetings, Be Well prepares all employee communication materials which include customized 1-page Medical Benefit Overviews summarizing the key benefits and payroll costs of each plan being offered, value added benefits available through their carrier, as well as any mandatory notices. Customized Employee Benefit Packages are also available.


Employer Contribution Analyses

As health care costs continue rising, more and more employers find themselves having to change their employer contribution methods. Be Well provides detailed Employer Contribution Analyses which include alternative employer contribution strategies to help them control costs.


Health Care Reform Guidance

As Federal and State Governments become more involved in the private health care system, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to stay abreast of all the changes and laws being enacted. Be Well has established strategic partnerships with organizations that are on top of the changes taking place in our industry enabling us to provide the appropriate and necessary guidance to our clients to comply with these changes.


HR/Legal Compliance Support

Have a legal question? Be Well has a legal firm on retainer who has specialized in employee benefits law for 30+ years, including expertise in most Human Resources areas involving employee benefits law, including §125, COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA, HRAs, HSAs, and the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Through this partnership, Be Well is able to provide clients with valuable opinions and guidance to their HR/employee benefits related legal questions at no cost to them.


Policy Negotiations

Negotiating rates is a standard business practice at Be Well. Whether it is a renewal we are negotiating or a new business contract, we negotiate the lowest rates available to our clients. We do this by evaluating claims data (when available) and loss ratios, reviewing demographic and health status changes, utilizing competitive data from the marketplace, as well as other means that give us the greatest leverage with the underwriter.


Relevant Industry News, Legal Alerts & Carrier Updates

Clients can depend on Be Well to keep them informed of changes and happenings in the health care industry that directly impact them, including industry news, legal changes from Federal and State authorities, and newsworthy changes from their current carrier. Through our Industry News Reports, Legal Alerts & Carrier Newsflashes, clients receive via e-mail the timely and relevant industry, legal and carrier updates that affect them.


Wellness Program Assistance

Corporate Wellness programs are continuing to gain the interest of employers of all sizes. When appropriate, Be Well Consulting works closely with clients to incorporate Corporate Wellness programs that measurably improve the overall health and well-being of their employees.


Year-Round Administrative Assistance

Any question, problem or service-related issue that arises for our clients or their employees throughout the year pertaining to benefit programs Be Well services, we are available to provide assistance. From billing issues, to claim disputes, to adding or deleting employees, to benefits related questions or general policy and procedure matters, clients can contact Be Well year round for all of their service needs.